Kate Middleton In A Hoodie? Yes, This Happened

Kate Middleton In A Hoodie? Yes, This Happened

The Duchess of Cambridge swapped her couture threads for something a little more low key as she headed out in east London last night

Kate Middleton might have many of the world's foremost fashion designers on speed dial, but sometimes the only thing you want to wear – even if you are the Duchess of Cambridge – is a black hoodie and a pair of jeans.

So that's exactly what the pregnant Duchess did as she headed out to spend the evening with a group of Beaver Scouts in east London last night.

And true, she would have looked a tad out of place playing games with the kids in a local school wearing a bespoke Alexander McQueen coat.

Kate was clearly in a playful mood, allowing the boys to dress her in scout headbands, which she looked like she very much enjoyed wearing, as well as attempting that tricky feat of cutting chocolate wearing boxing gloves, and learning sign language all to help them gain their disability awareness badge.

But none of this would have come as a surprise to Kate, who spent time as a Scout volunteer when she and Prince William lived in Anglesey in Wales.

And with a boisterous toddler, we're in no doubt that the 32-year-old is used to getting her hands dirty. 

Still, KM in a hoodie? We'll never get over it...

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