This Downton Abbey Star Thinks Kate Middleton 'Overstayed' During Her Set Visit

This Downton Abbey Star Thinks Kate Middleton 'Overstayed' During Her Set Visit

The Duchess of Cambridge was with the cast longer than planned (and it didn't go unnoticed)...

Finding out that Kate Middleton was hooked on Downton Abbey earlier this year made us realise that she's just like us after all.

If you strip away her perfectly coiffed hair, fancy clothes and royal husband, that is.

But seriously, we can totally imagine Kate and Prince William snuggling up to watch the latest episode with a cup of tea and blanket on a Sunday night after putting their little ones to bed.

So the Duchess of Cambridge must have felt like Christmas had come early when she was given the chance to meet the programme's stars at the Ealing Studios in London back in March.

Kate was allocated two hours to chat to cast members including Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery and Elizabeth McGovern.

In fact, the 33-year-old - who was pregnant with her daughter Princess Charlotte at the time - had so much fun hanging out with everyone that she ended up staying a little longer than originally planned.

And don't think Kate's lengthly visit went unnoticed...

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Jim Carter, Charles Carson on the BBC show, had no problem in pointing out the Duchess' trip had overrun.

'She's a big fan of the show. I don't think she'd been on a film set before or a TV set so she was intrigued by how different it looked on the screen and in reality,' he told E! at a pre-Emmys tea party this weekend.

'She overstayed. She stayed long. She was having such a good time.'

Oops! ​

Despite Jim's cheeky comment, Laura Carmichael - who plays Lady Edith - was obviously rather captivated by Kate.

'We weren't sure what to expect really. We all got quite shy and she was sort of leading the conversation,' she added at the glitzy event.

'It was lovely. She's so normal. I know everyone says that but she really does try to make everyone feel at ease.'

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