Kate Middleton Does Nautical Dressing in New Zealand

Kate Middleton Does Nautical Dressing in New Zealand

The Duchess of Cambridge was on fine sartorial, and sporting form, this morning

Kate Middleton took to the sea (well, Aukland Harbour) this morning to compete in a yacht race against her husband, Prince William.

Wearing a £48 navy and white Breton-striped top from west London label Me + Em – which has obviously already sold out – and a pair of skinny jeans, Kate was dressed in appropriate nautical attire for the race.

Kate certainly looked like she meant business behind the yacht's steering wheel, shielding her eyes from the New Zealand sun with a black cap. And her steeliness paid off as she pipped William to the finishing line, giving him a sympathetic shrug off the shoulders as she left him in the water.

Prince William and Kate Middleton on a yacht

But clearly there were no hard feelings between the pair, as they were pictured laughing together on a boat afterwards. Oviously William's a good sport…

By Olivia Marks

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