Kate Middleton Breaks With Her St Patrick's Day Sartorial Tradition

Kate Middleton Breaks With Her St Patrick's Day Sartorial Tradition

The Duchess of Cambridge eschewed her usual green attire for a brown Catherine Walker coat...

Kate Middleton today made one of her final public appearances before the birth of her second child at Aldershot Barracks in Hampshire, where she joined the St Patrick's Day parade alongside husband Prince William.

For the past three years, the Duchess has worn green to be in keeping with the St Patrick's day celebrations, however this year she broke with tradition and opted for a chocolate brown Catherine Walker outfit, which she accessorised with a pair of Kiki McDonough Eternal Gold Citrine Pear-Drop Earrings, to present Shamrocks to the 1st Battalion Irish Guards.

Wondering where this tradition to pin shamrock on officers caps came from? Well, it dates way back to the end of the Boer War in 1901 when King Edward II's wife, Queen Alexandra, decreed that: '…upon St. Patrick's Day, all ranks of her Irish regiments shall wear, as a distinction, a sprig of shamrock in their head dress to commemorate the gallantry of her Irish soldiers during the recent battles in South Africa.' So there you have it.

After the officers and guardsmen (and an Irish wolfhound named Domhnall) had received their shamrock from the Duchess, the Cambridges made their way to the bar, where William enjoyed a St Patrick's Day pint of Guinness, while pregnant Kate had to sette on sipping a glass of water.

Tomorrow Kate will visit the a children's centre in London, which will most likely be the last time we'll see the 33-year-old before she welcomes her second child into the world…

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