Kate Middleton and Prince William to emulate Princess Diana’s parenting style…

Kate Middleton and Prince William to emulate Princess Diana’s parenting style…

Kate Middleton and Prince William are preparing for the Royal baby by taking parenting tips from Princess Diana…

With only a few weeks left until the Royal baby is due, Kate Middleton and Prince William are preparing to be the best parents they can be by emulating Princess Diana’s parenting style.


The Royal couple have already started this process with them opting for Kate to give birth in the private Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital, London, where Princess Diana also gave birth to both Prince William and Prince Harry. The third heir to the throne’s birth and gender (via a Royal declaration) will also be taken straight from the hospital to Buckingham Palace by Royal escort where it will appear on an easel outside the palace for all to see. This was also Royal protocol for William and Harry.

Kate Middleton, who is also from a relatively ‘normal’ upbringing is said to want to provide her child with a more ‘grounded’ lifestyle – the same as what William incurred with Diana.
This echos Diana’s parenting style immensely as Victoria Arbiter notes: "Diana was always very keen on William and Harry knowing the world around them."
The daughter of former Queen Elizabeth II press secretary Dickie Arbiter goes on to add: "[Diana] took them to McDonald's, she took them to the movies, they went to theme parks and homeless shelters… Yes, they were born into a very privileged background, but Diana made sure they knew they lived in a privileged background that wasn't normal and knew how other people lived."
"That is how William and Kate are; they are very down to earth," Arbiter added. And Kate has already shown similarities with Diana.
"Really, we are going to see quite similar mothering from Kate. She is going to be like Diana. She is going to want to be present; she is going to want to take the children to school in the morning. Diana made sure she was on hand for everything she possibly could."

In the past Kate has been likened to Diana for many reasons that include her mannerisms, humanitarian work; even her fashion style, but it’s not just Kate that is said to be emulating the late Princess as Diana's close friend, handbag designer Lana Marks recently commented: "Diana always spoke about William's even temperament and what an incredible father he would make… She always talked about his sense of duty and his empathetic nature. She was grooming him for this. She knew one day he would be king and with that comes the responsibility of producing an heir. That is the greatest gift he can ever give the queen.”

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