Kate Hudson's Hot Mess Birthday And Other Excellent Party Themes We're Stealing

Kate Hudson's Hot Mess Birthday And Other Excellent Party Themes We're Stealing

Planning a party and in need of a theme? Let Kate Hudson and her fellow celebrities inspire you...

Kate Hudson had what looked like one helluva joint birthday party this weekend, throwing a bash with pals Derek Blasberg and Jennifer Meyer for all their friends and family in California.

The theme? Hot mess. Which, we have to say, is a pretty genius idea. We can't believe we haven't already thought of it and thrown one ourselves. Not only can you wear the trashiest clothes that you secretly love but don't dare wear (Derek joked via Instagram that none of them had had to buy new outfits for the occasion), but the more smeared your lipstick, the better. So no embarrassing glances in the mirror at your bleeding make-up come 4am. For once, this truly is how you meant it to look.

Kate opted for a neon pink cut-out leotard with baseball cap and smudged eye make-up, showing off her tanned bod, while friend Jennifer went full throttle on the leopard print. Dearek meanwhile wore what looked to be a polka dot onesie. And what about guest Jennifer Alba? She just looked hot, wrote Derek on Instagram. There's always got to be one who ruins it…


The party theme was 'Hot Mess.' (@jessicaalba was hot. I was a mess.)

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Looking for other excellent party themes? Let us remind you of some of our favourite celebrity parties for inspiration...

Kate Moss's Beautiful And Damned 30th Birthday Bash
For her big 3-0, Mossy chose F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel as the theme for her star-studded bash at a private house in west London. Set during the Jazz Age of 1920s New York, not only does this novel offer excellent wardrobe choices (Kate wore a midnight blue sequinned dress and her hair in ringlets), but lots of old-fashioned cocktail ideas, too. We're pretty sure the guests made the most of both.


Poppy Delevingne's Blonde-Themed Hen Do
Before her wedding to James Cook last year, Poppy Delevingne had not one, not two, not three, but four hen dos to celebrate the end of her life as a single gal. One of these took the form of a fancy dress party in London with blonde hair as a theme. So Sienna Miller turned up as Joanna Lumley in Ab Fab, and Poppy went as Patricia Arquette in 1990s cult classic True Romance. It's a failsafe theme with endless possibilities. And if you're not blonde, don't worry. Everyone looks funny in a blonde wig.


Kate Middleton's Starlight Express-Style Roller Disco
A few years before she became known as the Duchess of Cambridge, and acquired a wardrobe full of frock coats, Kate Middleton donned a pair of bright yellow hot pants, a sequinned halter next top, some leg warmers and a pair of roller skates for a charity knees up with her pals in Vauxhall. Looking like an extra from Flashdance meets Starlight Express, Kate was the life and soul of the party as she whizzed around the dance floor, inexplicably carrying a pizza. We want in.


Scarlett Johansson At A Celebrity Masked Ball
If the thought of full on 80s attire a la Ms Middleton, or barely there bra tops a la Ms Delevingne don't appeal, then we suggest you look to the masked ball for inspiration for your next fancy dress do. Scarlett Johansson managed to look fabulous, without opting out of the theme, for fashion photographer Nick Knight's party back in 2006. So if you'd rather wear a pretty dress than a costume, the masked ball is the way to go.

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