Kate Bosworth On Wanting To Impress Michael Polish

Kate Bosworth On Wanting To Impress Michael Polish

The actress has said she knew she would work with him forever

Kate Bosworth has spoken about how she wanted to impress her now husband Michael Polish, before the two had even started dating.

Kate and Michael met properly on the set of Big Sur in 2011, which Michael was directing and Kate was starring in.

Speaking to America's OK! Magazine, Kate said of Michael: 'We’d spoken at a few events, and I went into my first big scene and he gave me one adjustment, and I thought, ‘Ahhh, I hope I nail this,’ because that’s such a brilliant adjustment, I know I’m going to work with him forever, I don’t want to mess this up.’ Really!'

The pair began dating soon after, and married in the summer of this year in an intimate ceremony with Kate wearing a bespoke Oscar De La Renta gown.

The film, which is adapted from Jack Kerouac's novel of the same name, has just been released and the couple are currently busy promoting it.

'I didn’t even know him, really.' Kate continued. 'Michael was on board for this film to write it, adapt it and direct it, and he asked to meet.'

The rest, as they say, is history...

By Olivia Marks

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