WATCH: Meet Our Olympic Girl Crush Katarina Johnson-Thompson

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Katarina Johnson-Thompson is an all round mega-babe as our resident vlogger, Joshington Hosts, finds out. Here’s what you need to know about Team GB’s newest star.

Rarely do you meet anyone sweeter, or cuter, than 23-year old Katarina Johnson-Thompson, who is competing in the Heptathlon at Rio 2016. In exchange for a lesson in smizing for the Rio starting line from her newly appointed sass coach, Joshington Hosts, the new darling of British sport spilt some juicy secrets. Here are 11 things you need to know about KJT…

1. Her favourite sports to perv on, erm, we mean watch are the men’s swimming and the men’s javelin. We couldn’t agree more, Katarina! Could it be all the muscles on show, perhaps?

2. It goes without saying, but it’s an important point nonetheless, Katarina is the definition of fitspiration. Exhibit A below…

3. The athlete takes great pride in her beauty regime. ‘It’s two weeks to go until Rio so right now I am making sure I have got everything in order. I am getting my eyebrows and my nails done because the camera always focuses on your nails at the start line. Plus feeling good is key to any performance.’ A girl has always got to have good nails at the end of the day, even when said girl is competing for Olympic glory.

4. Her version of the ‘Mobot’ (Mo Farah’s trademark celebration) is the ‘Katarina Jazz Hands.’ It’s a working title but as Katarina explains, ‘when I was introduced to the crowd at the 2012 games it was my first Olympics and aged 19 I just started doing jazz hands. I guess it’s something that’s just within me!’

5. Katarina no longer owns single pair of jeans and spends her life in sports leggings. I mean, we would too if we had the legs.

6. Basic point here, but in case you didn’t know, the Heptathlon is a multi-disciplinary event, whereby each competitor takes part in the 100 metres hurdles, high jump, shot-pot, 200 metres, long jump, javelin and they finish it off with a casual 800-metre run. You’re tired just reading that, right?

7. The Team GB star has two of the cutest sausage dogs, possibly ever. Exhibit B, below…

8. Katarina’s go-to cheat meal is ‘a club sandwich. I go round the world trying club sandwiches, especially hotel ones. Let’s hope the Rio ones are good.’ Anyone suddenly feeling peckish?

9. Going into the Olympics, Katarina is the European Indoor Pentathlon Champion with the second highest score in history. CLAPS! But, at last year’s World Championships, after three foul long jump attempts, the athlete found herself falling from second position, just behind Jessica Ennis, to out of medal contention. It was heartbreaking. However, the star dusted off the experience with this wedgie comment. Literal gold.

10. Katarina doesn’t have a go-to game face, so luckily Joshington Hosts stepped in to lend a hand in the above video. Make sure you check out the start position smize, inspired by Tyra Banks (who else!).

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