The Kardashian Jenners celebrate Thanksgiving

How is the Kardashian Christmas card going to top this?!

Kim Kardashian is not one to take Instagram lightly, so it’s no wonder she enlisted her entire blended family for the ultimate Kardashian Thanksgiving snap.

Posting the picture to her Instagram page, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie (we could go on...) and co. got together to celebrate the American holiday, taking a walk together after Khloe’s epic spread. Seriously, check out Khloe Kardashian’s Thanksgiving meal here.


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While it’s normally the Kardashian family Christmas card we’re waiting for, this Thanksgiving snap is like a festive present come early. Here are 13 things we couldn’t help but notice…

1. Who is that on the left? UPDATE: We finally know who the mysterious man on the left of this picture is! After much Googling, the man has been revealed as J. Sakiya Sandifer, Kanye's BFF. Check back and you can see his face in key moments in the Kardashian family album.  

2. Scott Disick is back in the picture. After another stint in rehab, Scott has been spotted out and about with Kourtney over the last couple of weeks. Looks like they’re putting their family first by celebrating Thanksgiving together.

3. Why isn’t Mason wearing shoes? They’re outside, it’s cold, it’s muddy, so where are Mason’s boots? Also – there’s no sign of that haircut Kourtney Instagrammed earlier in the week…


4. Is Khloe wearing a dinosaur hoodie? We can’t see much of Khlo-money, but we do spy some spikes coming off her hood. Fingers crossed there’s a wardrobe tour coming up on her app…

5. Penelope’s outfit is on point. From the fringed mocassins to that shaggy shearling coat, Penelope Disick’s outfit just hit the top of our winter wishlist.

6. Caitlyn came! Caitlyn Jenner’s transition hasn’t been an easy one for any of the Kardashian family, but we’re happy to see them all together to celebrate Thanksgiving.


7. Reign is making his Kardashian debut. He’s stayed under the radar since he was born 11 months ago, but this Instagram marks his first official appearance in a Kardashian holiday photo.

8. Corey is there too. Kris Jenner's boyfriend (manfriend?) has been welcomed into the Kardashian clan, even standing side by side with Kris' ex, Caitlyn.

9. Kanye is smiling?! It’s rare to see Kanye crack a smile, but the rapper is positively beaming in this Thanksgiving get together.


10. North West is rocking her natural curls. We love seeing North with her natural hair, plus those box fresh trainers look great with her all-white outfit.

11. Tyga’s there. We’re guessing this means Kylie and Tyga are back together – but did they even break up in the first place?

12. Jenner boys, where are you? We say that Kim pulled together the entire family for this snap, but we do miss Caitlyn’s sons, Bruce, Burt and Brandon. And, umm, Rob? UPDATE: Kris Jenner recently revealed that Rob did spend some time with his Kardashian clan, but went to see some friends when this picture was taken. 

13. Where even are they?! This backdrop is gorgeous, but where is it?

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UPDATE: It's outside Caitlyn Jenner's Malibu home. Mystery solved!