How Much $$$ Does Kanye West Earn? Check Out His Net Worth

How Much $$$ Does Kanye West Earn? Check Out His Net Worth

Kanye West is worth a few bucks right? Between Grammy Award winning albums and clothing lines, how much $$$ does Yeezus ACTUALLY earn? Read on...

Kanye West MUST be worth a few bob or two right? You'd think so, but as with anything that has a whiff of Kanye about it, things are never THAT clear. His net worth? Let's take a look...

Despite announcing via Twitter earlier in the year that he was $53 million in personal debt (and asking Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for a cheeky loan), Kanye doesn’t give off the impression that he’s in any way strapped for cash.


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As of last year, Kanye West’s estimated net worth stood at a staggering $145 million, although this wasn’t enough to keep him ranked on Forbes’ infamous highest earning celebrities list - his highest positioning ever was #20 in 2014. Forbes explained at the time that Kanye's inclusion was down to his tour schedule:

‘His Yeezus tour was a provocative, lucrative romp that added double-digit millions to his bottom line, helping him to a 50% jump in annual earnings.’ Crikey.

Added to this was Kanye’s #7 ranking in the Forbes Cash Kings 2015: The World’s Highest Paid Hip-Hop Acts, which estimated that he’d earned $22 million that year.

Coincidently, pal Jay Z earned over DOUBLE what Kanye banked in 2015, reaching #2 on the same Forbes list with a jaw dropping $56 million made in twelve months. Insane huh?


But Kanye, — every inch the entrepreneur — doesn’t just earn money from his music alone (although the Yeezus Tour reportedly generated around $25 million).

He is of course now famously designing high-end clothes, and has collaborated with brands such as adidas and Louis Vuitton. And let’s not forget the impromptu ‘The Life Of Pablo’ pop-up store that opened for a limited run in New York recently, where fans could shop official Kanye West merchandise to coincide with The Life Of Pablo’s album release.

With prices starting at $90 for a hoodie, it’s clear that the rapper knows how to earn a crust or two.


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The Life Of Pablo is currently performing well on Jay Z’s paid-for platform TIDAL (it was released as a TIDAL exclusive and was allegedly downloaded 250 million times in its first ten days of release), and even though he is supposedly looking to sell the $20 million Bel Air mansion he owns with wife Kim Kardashian (they've allegedly already spent over $2 million in renovations), Kanye still doesn’t look as though he’ll be bulk buying tins of beans anytime soon.

In fact, the couple have supposedly just dropped $200,000 on a brand new Mercedes Maybach. Add to that the fact that Kim Kardashian brought in $52.5 million in 2015, according to Forbes, which staggeringly cancels out Kanye's reported debt in one fell swoop.

So yeah, def no penny pinching happening in Team Kimye. The Kardashian net worth? That's a whole other matter entirely.

Lend us a fiver Kanye...

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