Kanye Surprises Kim With 2000 Roses And An Orchestra... And 6 Other Awkward Gift Ideas

Kanye Surprises Kim With 2000 Roses And An Orchestra... And 6 Other Awkward Gift Ideas

Kim Kardashian received a very, err, original gift from Kanye West and their daughter North on Mother's Day, which we reckon is up there with these other seriously awkward present ideas...

Kim Kardashian has been the recipient of many questionable gifts from her husband Kanye West over the years — that hand-painted Birkin bag comes to mind — but his most recent present has to be one of his most shudder-inducing yet. 

While the rest of the US celebrated Mother's Day with obligatory throwback snaps of their 'moms' from back in the day, the 34-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashian's starlet was basically on the other side of the world from her cute tot North in Brazil on a work trip.

However, rather than letting North gift her mother with a pasta-link necklace or a finger painting upon her return, Kanye made sure his wifey knew she was loved on MD by sending her a somewhat lavish gift direct to her hotel. And, true to form, it was very OTT... 

Taking to her Instagram account to reveal her pressies to her 32.2 million-strong following, Kim said: 'I got to my room in Brazil and my amazing thoughtful husband had the sweetest note with a couple thousand roses covering my entire suite for Mothers Day! I'm so sad I'm so far away on this day but happy we celebrated yesterday! I love you baby & North soooo much!!!'

Engulfing her hotel suite's sofas, tables and chairs, Kim could hardly move for the white, long-stem roses that littered her room. Sure, they may look pretty but can you imagine the domino effect that would cause should she knock a vase over during a tricky belfie sesh? Travesty... 

However, Kanye wasn't through with his show of affection. As Kim took to dinner in a high-profile restaurant later that evening, she was met with a string quartet who Kanye had asked to serenade his wife for the entire evening. Err, that's going to drag a bit, isn't it? 

Once again demonstrating her delight on Insta, Kim gushed: 'So I get to a restaurant in São Paulo & my husband had a string quartet waiting playing Sam Smith!!!!! Every single waiter who brought food said "This is from Mr. West for the best mother in the world"! Seriously I have the best husband ever!!!!' I guess, if you're into orchestras and the such like, he probably IS the best hubby ever. We, however, can't think of anything more awkward.

So yep, that got us thinking — what are the most uncomfortable 'romantic' gifts that we could ever possibly imagine receiving? While a string quartet is DEFO up there, we reckon these cringy gestures also make the cut: 

  • A human-sized teddy bear clutching a velvet heart. Because WHERE THE H*LL ARE WE GOING TO PUT THAT?
  • A pet that we didn't sign up for. And that goes for an 'easy to look after' goldfish also. 
  • Workout gear so we can hit the gym together. Seriously, WTF. 
  • A personalised t-shirt that lets the world know that we're in a relationship. 1) I am not your property and 2) I wouldn't be seen dead in that tacky thing. Don't you know me but at all?
  • 'Sexy lingerie'. Chases are what he thinks is sexy and what you think is sexy differ marginally.
  • Porn. 'Nuf said.

Kanye, we've said it once and we'll say it again. DIAMONDS. If you're in any doubt whatsoever, diamonds are always the way to go. Guys, please learn from 'Mr West's' mistakes...

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