Is She The Most Beautiful 15 Year Old In The World?

Is She The Most Beautiful 15 Year Old In The World?

We’re predicting big things

Kaia Gerber is the spitting image of mum Cindy Crawford, but make no mistake: Kaia is determined to forge her own path and is, at just 15-years-old, already displaying polymath tendencies as the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty, the star of film, Sister Cities, not to mention cover girl. Here are 5 things you need to know about this super-star in the making:

1 million ?! thank you so much. can't wait for 2017

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Her instagram account is everything

For a array of envy-inducing shots including throwbacks of Kaia curled up on her dad’s lap to many a snap of her cavorting on exotic beaches, follow her immediately.


She’s a family girl at heart

Kaia is seriously pally with her older brother, taking him on nights out and supporting from the FROW when he models. She’s also a big fan of her parents, calling mum Cindy ‘the most effortlessly beautiful person I know (inside and out)’. Collective ah.

1am snacking, winding down from NYE.

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In the food department, she’s just a smidgen like the rest of us

Okay so Kaia may do most her pigging out with fellow models in the sumptuous surrounds of luxury hotels, but she’s been known to scoff on Chinese takeaway at 1am, wolf down pancakes for breakfast and snacks on red velvet cupcakes.

MoonMan and his Girlfriends.

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She’s a model friend

Comprising Kendall, the Hadids and Karlie Kloss, Kaia’s friendship group is the stuff of a beauty fan’s dreams. Just imagine being a fly on the wall during that getting ready to go out sesh…

siblings day, love you brother.

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The Gerber men = not too shabby

We know this is meant to be all about Kaia but just look at Presley’s ridiculously-chiselled face. And dad Rande? Major dilf. 

Check out all of Kaia’s instagram feed here

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