Justin Timberlake talks fragrance

Justin Timberlake talks fragrance

The SexyBack singer's Givenchy fragrance, Play, is about to get a makeover

Justin Timberlake isn't just the (pretty) face of Givenchy's Play fragrance for men. He's also been very much involved in the creation of the scent, or 'juice' as it's called by perfumers.

However it wasn't all plain sailing as by his own admission Justin isn't much of a scent wearer. "I don't really wear cologne that much. I think they took it as a challenge to create something that I would really want to wear."

Being involved in the process presented a bit of a learning curve for JT: "I started talking with Givenchy about how do you achieve that fresh, clean scent? And they 'learned me' about citrus and wood flavours that you kind of add to create that type of aroma. It's actually really fascinating how they do it." The bottles are getting a makeover in September with a new limited edition look.

But even though he's the face of Givenchy's luxury fragrance, Justin's favourite scent is a little less glamorous... He thinks the best smell is a man's natural odeur: "I sort of feel like nothing should take away from pheromones, because it's been chemically proven that those are the most attractive scents on people. I'm sort of a minimalist, quintessential male."

Let's hope girlfriend Jessica Biel approves...

By Pat McNulty

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