Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake picks up his iHeartRadio Innovator Award


When Justin Timberlake revealed that his wife Jessica Biel was pregnant for the first time, our hearts broke a little. And his tribute to Jessica at the iHeartRadio just confirmed what a proper softie he is.

The notoriously private pair aren't a celebrity couple who share a lot on Instagram (unlike others we could name), so we were NOT wholly prepared for this emotional speech from Justin as he took to the stage to collect his iHeartRadio Innovator award at last night's ceremony in LA.

Addressing the audience, the singer and sometime actor said: 'You can't have innovation without creation. I want to thank my best friend, my favourite collaborator, my wife Jessica at home. Honey I can't wait to see our greatest creation yet. Don't worry, daddy's heading home right now to innovate by learning how to change a poopy diaper and get my swaddle on.' Yep, that's pretty much floored us this Monday morning. We'll even forgive him that shiny blue suit, too.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift and Madonna brought the house down with a surprise duet. Taylor, who picked up a whopping three awards on the night – Song of the Year, Artist of the Year and Best Lyrics – took to the stage with her acoustic guitar and matching thigh-high stockings to help Madge perform her new single Ghosttown. And, thankfully, there was no cape in sight.

But the real highlight of the night? Well, that has to go to Rihanna, who turned up to perform her latest single in helicopter. If that's not an entrance, well then, frankly, we don't know what is.