Can't Stop The Feeling & 21 Reasons Why JT Is The Absolute Best

Can't Stop The Feeling & 21 Reasons Why JT Is The Absolute Best

Justin Timberlake is back with new single 'Can't Stop The Feeling', and we're flippin' delighted...

Justin Timberlake. You absolute beaut.

Not only have you given us cause to crush on a noughties bleached-blonde mini 'fro (never forget, *NSync 4 eves'), but you've also proved yourself time and time again to be an absolute king among men. Great husband, great father, great dancer and all-round funny chap, JT we've missed you babe.

So, to celebrate Justin Timberlake's new single 'Can't Stop The Feeling' (if you haven't heard it yet, vid is at the bottom of the page - you're welcome), and THAT Eurovision performance, we've compiled a selection of our favourite ever JT moments. From SNL to 'It's gonna me may', here's ALL the reasons we're glad he's back...

...probably bringing the sexy back. Again.


1. Because nobody does an 'OHHH' quite like Justin

Raise the roof...

2. That 'do

Justin brought ALL the hair game...and we still can't deal.

3. Happy Roman


4. Crunk

He's so street it actually hurts.

5. This...

Honestly. JT and Jessica. The most dreamiest couple ever?

6. Which leads us nicely on to this...


7. Remember this?

How could we forget. Tsk Britney, *shakes fist angrily*

8. Dancing with Jimmy Fallon at the tennis

Why can't this happen at Wimbledon?

9. ...and it didn't end there

10. Or there...

Loving this crab move guys.

11. In fact, let's take a moment to remember this...

Beyoncé meets her match.

11. Lordy, the absolute FEELS

*clutches heart*

12. Dick in a Box

If you haven't seen this, Google RIGHT now.

13. The hair fix

I'm sorry. Did you say something?

14. Um, this?

We reckon there was a collective 'ahhhhhhhh' across the world when this pic hit Insta.

15. With 'ickle Ryan Gosling

We die.

16. Baby Britney?

Love's young dream.

17. Shade


18. The future


19. The style

Boy has some SERIOUS game.

20. When he got Punk'd

Jeez, JT was SO upset. What a jolly good sport he was.

21. And finally...

Justin. We think you're ace, and if this new track ain't song of the summer then we'll dog gone eat our hats. You fantastic person you. New vid, right here.

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