24 Reasons We Suddenly HEART Justin Bieber

24 Reasons We Suddenly HEART Justin Bieber

This is something we never thought we’d say but - hands up - we’re a big bunch of Beliebers

We don’t know when it happened exactly but something changed at the beginning of this year and we had an absolute Justin Bieber U-turn.

Forgot are the times he left a monkey at an airport, or we were #TeamOrlando when punchgate happened, turns out we’re actually massive fans.

(Yes, even though he charged his own beloved Beliebers $2,000 for a selfie - well, a #Purpose package which included a photo op.)

And it's not just us, it seems. Biebs has taken the title of the most liked Instagram picture EVER IN THE WORLD. Laters Kendall and her heart hair, a #throwback pic of Justin and Selena has garnered 3,569,000 likes — that's 7,000 more than the last record holder! Wow.

Still think he’s a total ****? Understandable, we were you a few months ago, but check this out…

1. For starters, Bieber got hot – not that this is a reason to start liking someone but hashtag just sayin’.

2. He stayed cool over 'penis leak' - even though it was totally not cool. Everyone freaks when it’s K-Middy (QUITE RIGHTLY), but when it’s J-Biebs who’s papped with a long lense, it’s a hoot... Curious.

3. Even when his Dad weighed in with a pretty hilarious Tweet: ‘What do you feed that thing. #proud daddy’, Justin took it all in jest, saying ‘It’s such a dad thing to say’ when asked about it on the radio. Though we respectfully disagree about it being a dad thing to say, kudos for dealing with it.

4. He loves getting in touch with nature; strolling through the park barefoot, feeding the squirrels, hanging around in trees...


5. He took this Instagram with Jennifer Aniston…

6. Him and Seth Rogan laid their ‘beef’ to rest. It started when Seth said some pretty mean stuff on Twitter, after meeting Justin briefly (back at that time we all kind of agreed with Seth) but they hugged it out on The Ellen Show. Even Seth said: ‘It’s not really a beef I just called him some really mean things on social media for no real reason.’

7. Biebs seemed like a stand up guy on Graham Norton, talking about how he didn’t understand women and how it’s tricky to breathe AND dance AND sing.

8. The boy can dance.

9. The boy can sing.

10. The boy writes his own lyrics. 

11. In fact, every song he releases is a TUNE.

12. He even dresses himself.

13. And he may or may not be totes still in love with Selena Gomez… That can’t be easy.

14. That one time he walked out behind Floyd Mayweather at the Manny Pacquiao fight, all low-key and in a suit.

15.When he appeared alongside Tom Hanks in that EPIC Carly Rae Jepsen I Really Like You video.

16. When he enlisted The Fat Jewish to promote What Do You Mean?.

17. And Ben Stiller posted about his new album, PROPOSE.

18. Biebs had the out and out AUDACITY to charge his Beliebers $2,000 for the 'Ultimate #Purpose Package' on his new tour, which includes a meet and greet, a selfie opportunity and a backstage tour. Instead of fans getting up in arms about the hefty prices, they took to social media with the hashtag #justiceforbrokeliebers, expressing unhappiness at the unaffordable packages and even making excuses for Biebs... How DOES he do it?

19. Have you SEEN Biebs in James Corden's Carpool Karaoke? How could you NOT love him? He talks about kind of wearing a dress, gets a little catty about a pap's dress, analyses James' style and is just an all round hoot. He does some mildly questionable harmonising, sure, but to his own song so he's allowed and putting on that plain stoopid outfit of James' picking more than makes up for it. 

20. He's a genuwinely talented guy. As well as singing and dancing, he can play the piano (which as everyone knows is a DREAMY skill to have) and not just any old piano - BEETHOVEN, no less, as we know because he was casually filmed by Josh Miller playing in a hotel. Kudos, Biebs.


Für Elise - Ludwig Van... Bieber

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And this time... *Swoon*

21. He's beautiful enough to pull of PURPLE hair, which he showed off on Instagram in a shamelessly naked gym selfie.

22. You've got to give Justin Bieber a little kudos for literally doing what he wants regardless of the obvious social media backlash it's going to get... Dreadlocks, Justin?! While we're not endorsing the look (far from it), his no f**ks given attitude is a little bit funny. As he says himself — 'Why'.



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23. He's big into adult colouring books (emphasis on 'adult' — meaning: Anime porn)

24. That time Biebs and Ludacris threw back to 2010 with their rendition of Baby...

He definitely did have a stage where he acted totally uncool most of the time, BUT we think he’s over it. Come on, it must be kind of weird having a bezillion (*not the official figure) followers on Instagram and being impossibly famous by the age of 12.

All things considered, we think he’s turned out alriight.


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