Just When You Thought You Couldn't See Any MORE Of Kim Kardashian...

Just When You Thought You Couldn't See Any MORE Of Kim Kardashian...
Paper Magazine/Jean-Paul Goude

Kim Kardashian's #BreakTheInternet saga continues with even racier pics. Yep, she's gone full-frontal. Scroll down at your own discretion...

Kim Kardashian may not exactly be a blushing wall-flower but she still managed to shock us all yesterday as the very revealing photographs from her latest magazine spread (for US cult mag Paper) were let loose on an unsuspecting public. 

The most note-worthy pic that was unveiled featured the 34-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star oiled up and baring her very famous derriere for the camera. And, while we thought we couldn't have seen any more of Kim Kardashian if we tried, we were wrong. So wrong. 

Just this morning, more images of Kim's NSFW shoot have surfaced and they're WAY more revealing than what seems to be her now 'demure' bum shot. Yep; she's only gone full-frontal. Naked. For all the world to see. And something tells us they will... 

We hate to admit it, we couldn't help but look at the explicit images for ourselves and yes, they are what they say on the tin; Kim, still doused in oil, with everything on display. And while we're sure Kim would argue that she's just proud of her body and doesn't care what anyone thinks about it, we can't help but feel that this is a BIG step too far. 

Just a heads up; graphic content DOES follow, so you might want to put down that slice of toast. 

Paper Magazine/Jean-Paul Goude

Oh, Kim. Kim, Kim Kim. 

Just to be clear, we've chosen to black-out her modesty. The un-edited photographs feature no such censorship. 

Considering she is one of the most prolific women in the world right now and a mother to a one-year-old, you'd think the decision to go nude in such a way would be hindered by some kind of moral guilt. She's always sent a message out to her fans about being proud of your body, but we're kind of lost in translation with this one. 

You know that old saying: 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'?


By Maxine Eggenberger

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