Will This Film Win Jennifer Lawrence Her Second Oscar?

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J-Law and Bradley Cooper are together again for one of 2016's hottest films, and there's already awards buzz. Here's everything you need to know about Joy

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are a Hollywood match made in heaven, so we are super excited to see them together again in Joy. Teaming up for their fourth flick together in as many years, the film tells the tale of Joy Mangano and the business dynasty she builds up across four generations. Joy is a total must-see, and it's out now, so we’ve rounded up all the details you need to know about the film everyone is talking about.

Release Date
Joy was released in the UK on New Year’s Day, 2016, a week after the US premiere on Christmas Day.

Jennifer Lawrence plays Joy Mangano, the real-life inventor of the Magic Mop who ran the business dynasty for four generations. Virginia Madsen plays her mother, with Robert De Niro as Joy’s father, Rudy. This isn’t the first time De Niro and J-Law have worked together; he also appeared in American Hustle, and worked with Joy director David Russell on Silver Linings Playbook. Isabella Rossellini also plays Rudy’s girlfriend.

Edgar Ramirez will play J-Law’s on-screen (and now ex) husband, while Bradley Cooper features as an executive at the Home Shopping Network. The role was actually created for Bradley by David Russell after he started writing the script.

We haven’t seen a lot of wardrobe specifics from the previews, but being set in the ‘90s we’re spotting a lot of suiting, aviator shades and white shirts. There’s great glasses action, too.

Awards Buzz
Everyone is talking about this film, so it’s no surprise J-Law is being tipped for an Oscar already. Word on the street is that the script might have deviated from the real Joy’s actual life, but does that give the film the drama it needs to win? We’ll have to wait and see…

Sneak Peek
If the trailer just isn’t enough to keep you going until you grab tickets, we have a clip of the film you won’t want to miss, below.

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