Yep, it’s that time again – the John Lewis Christmas advert 2015 is HERE.

Man On The Moon, as the advert is called, is the story of Lily - a little girl who likes looking through her telescope. One day, she sees a cute white-haired old man who lives on the moon. He looks pretty lonely, trudging around between his shed and a bench. She tries to contact him with paper aeroplanes and a message on an arrow, but with no luck until Christmas Day when she sends him a present tied to balloons. It's a telescope which he can use to see her back on earth. Cue: Absolute sobfest, obviously.

The John Lewis Christmas advert song, a cover of Oasis track ‘Half The World Away’, was recorded by 19-year-old rising music star, Aurora.

Get your first look, here...

As well as inspiring people to find their perfect Christmas gift, this year the John Lewis Christmas ad holds a very special message.

The retailer has partnered with Age UK for the festive campaign, to drive awareness and support for some of the million older people who can go for a month without speaking to anyone

'We hope it inspires people to find really special gifts for their loved ones and through our partnership with Age UK, raises awareness of the issue of loneliness amongst older people and encourages others to support in any way they can,' says Craig Inglis, Customer Director at John Lewis.

So, now it's #ManOnTheMoon v. all the John Lewis Christmas adverts since they began in 2007. Which is your favourite?

2014 - #MontyThePenguin

2013 - #TheHareAndTheBear

2012 - The Snowman Love Story

2011 - The Long Wait






Calling all you Scrooge types, you know what this means? Not only is the ad going to be in your peripheral vision nonstop for the next month, but any animosity you’re feeling towards festive jumpers, hearing someone talking about how long it is until Christmas or seeing tinsel and Santa decorations is officially not allowed anymore. K?

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