11 Reasons Why John Boyega Is Basically Our Favourite Human Being

11 Reasons Why John Boyega Is Basically Our Favourite Human Being

John Boyega is nailing life. Not only is he starring in one of THE biggest movie franchises in history, but he's also making us swoon on a daily basis by being just a super awesome guy. Here's why we love him....

John Boyega is topping everyone's 'top bloke' list right now, and it isn't hard to see why. 

Between playing rogue Stormtrooper Finn in recent blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens and pretty much nailing life on a daily basis by being a fantastically sound and amazing guy, John Boyega is the one person we all wish we had on BFF speed dial.

So, what is it about this 23-year-old Peckham lad that warrants him becoming the nation's new favourite person? Here are just a few examples of John Boyega's awesomeness - we guarantee you'll be head over heels...

1. THAT laugh

(Wait for it...)

2. When he met Prince William and Prince Harry...with Chewbacca

The royal brothers enjoyed a tour of Pinewood Studios, meeting the creative team behind Star Wars. John and Daisy Ridley also made an appearance, with a very hairy Chewbacca.


3. The time he dressed up as Finn and visited a sick little boy in hospital

John Boyega granted the wish of a sick little boy recently by visiting him in hospital dressed as Finn. Daniel Bell from Osmirk, Lancashire who is living with a brain tumour, needed his favourite Star Wars character to come help him hand out presents to the other children at the Royal London Hospital, and John was only happy to oblige. He stayed in character throughout the entire visit. Be prepared - John's Instagram post from the event is just too much...


4. That time he silenced the haters

John Boyega is fiercely proud of his Nigerian heritage, and was quick to respond to those few who viciously (and ludicrously) opposed him being cast as a Stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. His eloquent and slightly humorous social media smack downs have become the stuff of social media legend, and yes - we love him for it...


5. All the times he's rocked the red carpet

One thing we most admire about John Boyega is the fact that despite the magnitude of the celeb situation he finds himself in (film premieres, award ceremonies, etc), he always comes across as being just your average bloke. Our most favourite Boyega red carpet moment came recently at the BAFTA's when after posing for pictures with fans, he nonchalantly stated:

'I was in South West London just this morning buying some bread and now I've put on a tux and here I am.'


6. The way he inspires his young fans

Ok, if reason #1 didn't endear you to John Boyega (are you made of stone people?), then this one will. John likes to post Instgram pics of his lil' fans posing with their Finn action figures in a bid to help the youngsters feel inspired. The snap below is captioned:

'A time to be thankful. From what you hold in your hand to the potential in your mind, you are a king young man. X'

7. That time he took Harrison Ford for grub in Peckham

So, the story goes that after finding out he'd won the part of Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, John Boyega took co-star Harrison Ford (aka Han Solo) to a popular Nigerian restaurant on the Old Kent Road to celebrate. Yeah, that happened. 


9. THAT light sabre duel with David Beckham

In case you didn't catch the The Graham Norton Show before Christmas. You're very welcome...

10. He seems like a STELLAR guy

We want to work with him — look how much fun Daisy Ridley's having when they rap together (yes...really)!

11. He just LOVES giving the shout outs...

Lupita Nyong'o got a surprise on Good Morning America from her 'brother from another mother'. Who? John Boyega, obvs...

This vid is just too cute. John, give US a shout out will ya'?!

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