Daisy Bevan Is The Spitting Image Of Her Mother Joely Richardson In Our August Issue Fashion Shoot

Daisy Bevan Is The Spitting Image Of Her Mother Joely Richardson In Our August Issue Fashion Shoot
Thomas Krappitz

Meet the latest addition to the Redgrave acting dynasty, Joely Richardson's equally blue-eyed daughter Daisy Bevan

‘When I was working as a waitress a few years ago, a customer came up and said, “Gosh you look exactly like Joely Richardson,”’ says actress Daisy Bevan. Daisy didn’t point out to the customer that Joely Richardson is actually her mum. ‘I just said “Oh, thanks” and walked away!’ she laughs.

But with that elegant swan-necked beauty and those crazily blue Redgrave eyes, the resemblance is so uncanny it’s almost spooky.

Daisy’s father is producer Tim Bevan (Four Weddings, Love Actually), so you could say her now-blossoming acting career was inevitable, though she has none of the thespy affectations you might expect from someone who grew up in green rooms and on film sets (her very first role was aged five in the Cate Blanchett film Elizabeth). 

After Bedales in Hampshire – where she was classmates with Cara Delevingne – 23-year-old Daisy spent time studying drama in New York before moving back to London to kick-start her career. She’s since turned her hand to theatre in The Picture Of Dorian Gray and scored a cameo opposite Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac in 1960s-based thriller The Two Faces Of January.

Next up? A post-WWII adaptation of bestselling novel The Outcast for BBC One with a very British fellow cast that includes Greg Wise and Jessica Brown Findlay. Looks like those Redgrave acting genes are pretty strong... 

Let’s talk fashion first. Are the clothes on the shoot today similar to your own?   

‘Oh no, they’re much more bold and fashion-forward. I don’t know if I would ever have had the balls to wear these in real life. But it’s quite exciting on a shoot – the pieces are like artworks!’ 

What’s your normal style like? 

‘I’m a big Patti Smith fan. I could go on about her for hours. I love her androgynous look too, so I’m wearing a lot of dark colours and tailoring at the moment.’

Do you remember much of your acting debut at the age of five?

‘I just remember I had to lie in a bed and stay super-still. But the funny thing is I think I was staring straight into the camera the whole time – not so subtle!’ 

You went to school with Cara Delevingne. What do you make of her move into acting? 

‘She’s brilliant, Cara. To have gone through what she has and yet remained completely down-to-earth is incredible, really. Acting was always what she wanted to do at school, so I’m very happy for her.’

What was boarding school like? 

‘Fun, because you get to live with your friends, and because you go when you’re 13 and leave when you’re 18 – it’s like forming another family. You get to know everyone in a very specific way.’

Did you visit your parents on set a lot growing up? 

‘I did get to go on set a bit. They’re such exciting places to be. Now when I turn up on one for my own work I can’t quite believe it’s me working this time.’ 

How was making The Outcast? Did you enjoy doing TV? 

‘I think because filming time with television shows is shorter, and there’s
so much to do, you really have to keep up a momentum. You’re also thrown together with the same people from 6am to 7pm every day, so you end up forming very close bonds.’

You look so like your mum – are your personalities similar too?

‘I think we have similarities and differences. It’s funny – neither of us actually think we look like each other. We’re very close, and she just gave me a dog for my birthday.’ 

What breed is it? 

‘A Toy Poodle-Pomeranian cross, she’s a chocolatey ball of fluff called Zeppelin. I’ve never really had pets before, so I didn’t get what the big deal was, but now I have my own dog I totally understand. She’s changed my life!’ 

Photographs by Thomas Krappitz

Styling by Arabella Greenhill

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