22 Jimmy Fallon Moments That'll Make You Feel Pretty Happy About Life

22 Jimmy Fallon Moments That'll Make You Feel Pretty Happy About Life

Prepare to feel really great, about everything...

So, it's taken us until now to get together a Jimmy Fallon 'best bits'.

We know. It's criminal really. And we apologise. Profusely.

Those comedy familiar types (plus your boyfs, bros and general close male people) are probably reading this right now and raising a smug eyebrow thinking, 'yeah, tell us something we don't already know', but (we imagine) there are still a good few peeps out there that only associate Jimmy Fallon with the (now infamous) Daniel Radcliffe 'rapping Blackalicious' video. And maybe because he likes to dance with Justin Timberlake... a lot.

Okay okay, we know there have been many more similar, probably even better occasions, where the The Tonight Show host and SNL allumni has proved his worth as the people's champion, creating and recreating sketches, routines and interviews with some of the world's MOST famous people, but one fact remains the same - Jimmy Fallon has the absolute gift of bringing forth the hilarity in people. The small oddities. The silly senses of humour. It's incredibly infectious, and a joy to watch.

And, don't even get us started on the guy's talent for storytelling.

So, in honour of all the many times Jimmy has tapped into our wonky millennial mindset, here are some of our fave' Fallon moments. All 18 are 100% guaranteed to make you feel that bit happier about life in general. Enjoy.

1. Bobbing for apples with Priyanka Chopra
And she still looks beautiful...

2. Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown lays down some Nicki Minaj
Is there anything this girl can't do?!

3. Barb returns to Stranger Things
Orange is the new bitch...

4. Jared Leto brings Jimmy an unusual gift...
...for real?! 

5. Margot Robbie talks Suicide Squad, and holding her breath for 5 MINUTES?!
Uh, how is she still alive?!

6. Mila Kunis pretends to be on a Tinder date
Using filters. Hilarious.

7. Blake Lively's daughter calls Jimmy 'Dada'?!
There was some confusion in the Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds household...

8. Kristen Stewart's Jell-O Shot Twister
Even more proof that K-Stew is just the best.

9. Lena Dunham beats Jimmy at Box Of Lies
...using a bottle of Jack Daniels. Pure. Style.

10. Nick Jonas talks red carpet boners
JoBro Nick admitted something rather embarassing...

11. Daniel Radcliffe might be a time-travelling old lady
Daniel Radcliffe is Jimmy Fallon royalty at this stage, and once again (as this recent interview demonstrates) he proves himself to be THE funniest guy to ever graduate from Hogwarts. Actually lolling.

12. Jimmy and Adele recreate 'Hello'
Okay, in case you didn't know, The Tonight Show's house band is legendary hip-hop outfit The Roots. Yeah. Pretty amazing right? Look what happened when The Roots, Jimmy and Adele did their own version of 'Hello'... using classroom instruments. 

13. Farewell to Prince
One of the most touching (and kind of hilarious) Prince tributes came from Jimmy Fallon. What happens when Prince challenges you to a game of ping pong? Let's find out...

14. When he blew the chance to date Nicole Kidman
Too, too funny...

15. The History of Rap
Jimmy and JT. The dream team.

16. Bradley Cooper
Who thought old Bradders' would be so darn funny?

17. Remembering Robin Williams
We dare you not to get choked up watching this...

18. The Saved By The Bell reunion
Children of the '90s rejoice!

('I'm SO excited..')

19. Kit Harington's speeding ticket
SPOILER ALERT: Do NOT watch if you aren't up to date on GoT...

20. The lip sync battles
Jimmy basically invented this phenom. And it's brilliant. Emma Stone is one of our personal faves.

21. Gigi's cheeseburger
Yes, she of the beautiful body loves chowing down on a cheeseburger. God bless you Gig'.

22. And finally, J-Law's beef...
Squashing beef. That's all we can say really...

Check back for more Jimmy Fallon feel good moments. There's bound to be many, many more...



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