Jewel-encrusted alcohol!

Jewel-encrusted alcohol!

If you get your hands on this bespoke bottle of Chambord (designed by jeweller Donald Edge) you’ll know what it feels like to touch-up $2m worth of jewels…

We do adore our sparkly trinkets here at InStyle HQ, so our eyes almost popped out of our heads when we gazed upon this limited edition Chambord bottle (worth $2m!) encrusted in pearls, hand-wrought 18ct gold and 1100 diamonds.

The bods at Chambord (which is a delicious raspberry flavoured liquor) commissioned jeweller Donald Edge to bling up their traditional orb-shaped bottle to celebrate their involvement with forthcoming stage show Breakfast at Tiffany's (starring Anna Friel).

The bottle will be officially launched at London Fashion Week on 22 September and then displayed on opening night of Breakfast at Tiffany's in the Chambord bar at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

And, fact fans, Chambord is such an iconic tipple that it's used in Holly Golightly's favourite cocktail - the French Martini. Tres fabulous!

It couldn't be simpler to make. Here's the how-to:

15ml Chambord
50ml Grey Goose
60 ml fresh pineapple juice

Shake and serve in a martini glass. (If you're handy with a knife you can always do yourself a fancy bit of lemon peel to garnish, as in the picture on the left. Word of warning - do it while sober).

Chambord is available from, Sainsbury's, Threshers, John Lewis Food Hall, ASDA and Waitrose stories UK-wide (from around £6.49/bottle).

To find out more about Breakfast at Tiffany's (running from September - January) click on or phone the box office 0845 481 1870

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