Sleep Can Wait: Why Jessica Jones Is Our New Netflix Addiction

Sleep Can Wait: Why Jessica Jones Is Our New Netflix Addiction

A bad-ass female superhero, a creepy David Tennant and a whole lot of mystery, here's why Jessica Jones is our new Netflix obsession

Noticed anything new in your Netflix list lately? Just when we’d finally wrapped up the last few episodes of Narcos,  Netflix dropped a major new superhero series that’s got us binge-watching into the early hours – meet Jessica Jones

Wait, don’t I recognise that name?
Depends how much you like comic books – Jessica Jones is based on the Marvel comics caracter of the same name. Following on from Marvel's Daredevil, this is the second of four Netflix original series, before the four main characters come together in one final series, The Defenders.

So what happens?
Check out the trailer above. Jessica Jones has a dark past, and some bad blood with a mind-contolling man known as Kilgrave. Haunted by her traumatic childhood, Jessica opens her own detective agency as her superhero cools down, trying to find Kilgrave before he hurts anyone else. Along the way, she finds a partner in fellow Marvel hero Luke Cage, a man with superhero strength, unbreakable skin and a murky past.   

Who’s in it?
Krysten Ritter plays the bad-ass lead character, Jessica Jones, who likes her drink a little bit too much. If you don’t already, you’ll recognise Ritter from Jane in Breaking Bad and Chloe in Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23.

Mike Colter (The Good Wife, Ringer) stars as Luke Cage, and put on 30 pounds of muscle especially for the role. We’ll see more of Luke Cage in the third original series, due out in 2016.

David Tennant takes on the role of Kilgrave, and we can’t to see him in action. The moody trailer above only shows the back of Tennant’s head, but we’re already creeped out by his character.

Main characters also include Empire’s Eka Darville as Malcolm Ducasse, Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeryn Hogarth and Rachael Taylor as Patricia Walker.

What if I’m not keen on superhero films…
Don’t think of Jessica as a superhero – she’s more like the mean and moody cool girl you’d want to have around in a fight. Plus there’s not a costume in sight. 

When can I watch it?!
The whole series is available on Netflix now, but trust us, you won’t be able to stop at one episode.

If you’re not into Jessica Jones, why not settle down to these Netflix documentaries, or binge watch the best shows on Netflix.

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