Jennifer Lopez Booty

Jennifer Lopez shared this sexy snap with her followers on Instagram. Chaos ensued...

Jennifer Lopez might have recently celebrated her 45th birthday (yes, really...) but her looks and bod haven't aged a day, her latest single cover proves. 

Promoting her brand new single aptly titled Booty, the singer-turned-actress took to Instagram to give her fans a first look at the cover art for the song, and boy has it caused a major stir.

The image shows Jennifer with her back to the camera, sexily glancing over her shoulder. Dressed in nothing but a striking monochrome swimsuit, the Jenny From The Block songstress shows off her famous derriere to no end, showing Kim Kardashian and all the sceptics that she really does have the best bum in biz. You go, J-Lo. 

We just wish we saw this shot before tucking into a not-so-healthy lunch... Squats tonight, anyone? 

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By Maxine Eggenberger