Jennifer Lopez Makes A Case For The Mum Cut

Jennifer Lopez Makes A Case For The Mum Cut

So long bunchies, adios badass braids — Jennifer Lopez has swapped her ultra glam hair for a very manageable mum cut and it looks positively sensible

Jennifer Lopez has long been a pioneer of glitter make-up and super glamorous hair, so you can imagine our surprise when we clocked the songstress making her way through LAX sporting a very senisble new hair cut. 

We don't need to tell you that a lot of A-listers have gone for the chop over the last few months but there's something different about the 45-year-old's new lob. Sitting just on the shoulders, it's the same length as the celebrities who championed the chop before her but with the slight feathering around the face and the sweeping centre-parted fringe, Jen's bob just doesn't pack the same edge as the rest. In fact, it's borderline mumsy. 

Now, before outrage ensues let us get one thing straight — we have NOTHING against 'mum' hair. It's practical, low-maintenance and somehow manages to sit just so even when you're trying to do your weekly shop with one/two/three little tikes causing havoc in the next aisle along. Even when you're not able to keep your cool, you can rest assured that your 'do remains perfectly composed at all times, and given the fact that Jen herself is a mum, we're hardly doing her an injustice by saying her hair has followed suit.

It's just, this isn't the J-Lo we thought we knew. Sure, she's still showing off her killer abs in a crop top and is packing one of the fiercest manis we've ever seen but where are those waves that could make a Victoria's Secret Angel's hair look limp? Gone is the souped up ponytail that accompanied her as she shot to fame. Now, you may call her Jennifer from the block. 

While we're sure Jen will shake up her tresses sooner or later, we've taken a look back at her most OTT, statement and Insta-worthy hairstyles of the last few months. J-Lo, this is what you're missing:

The most badass braid of ALL TIME

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The fierce faux undercut

*Those* bunchies

A ponytail with the power to make Ariana Grande weep

The prima ballerina topknot

J-Lo; your hair has done us proud... 

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