Jennifer Lopez Has Out-Glammed Herself With This Jaw-Dropping Look

Jennifer Lopez Has Out-Glammed Herself With This Jaw-Dropping Look
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Jennifer Lopez is anything but casual. Her latest outfit, however, is in a glamorous-league of its own...

Whoa; is that you Jennifer Lopez? Or a screen siren from the Golden Age of cinema? We can't tell... 

Jennifer Lopez is by no means a casual dresser. Even when she's running errands around NYC or appearing on a morning TV show, she always looks the epitome of glamour and never fails to inspire our next going-out attire. However, when we clocked the 45-year-old — yes, she's REALLY 45! We want whatever she's having — as she making her way out of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon studios in downtown New York, we definitely had to double-take. 

Managing to out-glam even herself, Jennifer looked every inch a bygone pin-up in a very lavish outfit that wouldn't have looked out of place in Studio 54 back in its heyday. 

The songstress wore what may just be her most fabulous get-up yet, which consisted of a shaggy faux fur coat in bubblegum pink, coordinating wide-leg satin trousers and a pink, tucked in blouse. How '70s of you, J-Lo... 

If that wasn't enough, Jen also matched her make-up to her statement look, choosing a pink creme blush and sparkling, shimmering eye-shadow that was blended up to her brow. 

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This look wasn't Jen's only stand-out attire from the day; earlier as she entered the studios, she opted for a much more low-key but equally dressy look made up of a grey coat with a statement faux fur collar, a pewter glitter clutch and some amazing black suede and silver glitter courts. Oh, and is that a diamond anklet we spy?! 

J-Lo; you're making the jean and jumper combo we're currently sporting seem obsolete in comparison. Everyone wear their sequin dresses and faux fur stoles to work tomorrow, K?

Jen will be so proud... 

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