Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Her Killer Figure In *Another* Sexy Flashdance Homage

Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Her Killer Figure In *Another* Sexy Flashdance Homage

To be fair, if we had Jennifer Lopez's bod we'd be flaunting it at any given op too...

Jennifer Lopez is known for many things but her killer figure has to be up there with the best of them. Perfectly toned but still packing some seriously sexy curves, she's definitely a starlet we look to for major fitspiration.

So, you can't really blame her for showing her bod off at any chance she can get, which is exactly what she did when she took to her Instagram account yesterday...

Giving her 14 million-strong following a sneak peek at what looks like an up-coming music video, the 45-year-old songstress posted this edgy black and white pic of herself clad in a revealing sequin body suit and wrap around dance shoes. Wowza! 

It could be the atmospheric '80s style lighting, the smoke rolling in from stage right or her legs up to here, but there's something about this shot definitely reminds us of THAT iconic scene from Flashdance. Talk about a #ThrowbackThursday.

It's practically uncanny...

Of course, it's not the first time that Jen has sited the infamous film as the inspo behind her videos — back in 2002 she practically recreated the entire movie in 4 minutes with her music vid for I'm Glad. Well, what's the harm if you're into it, right J-Lo? 

Now, going back to her amazing figure — it seems pretty unattainable, right? WRONG. Our friends from our sister site InStyle US managed to bag a one-on-one work-out sesh with none other than J-Lo's personal trainer herself, Tracy Anderson and they videoed the entire thing. Thanks for sharing this GOLD with us, ladies!

Tracy has worked with some of the biggest — and most glamorous — names in the biz with Jennifer being one of her most recent clients. Remember how epic Jen looked in her Booty vid? Yep; that was Tracy's work. 

The god-sent 7-minute long video is every fitness fan's pinnacle — talking you through the key moves that you can master from the comfort of your own living room, it really does make getting a quick work-out in before work or at the weekends all the more possible. 

It's definitely hard graft but if we wind up looking a tiny percentage as mega as Jennifer Lopez, it'll be worth every gruelling second. Check it out below and who knows? Soon you could be sporting your very own sequin body. You know, if that appeals...

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