'This Movie Has Been My Life': J-Law On Fame And Life After The Hunger Games

'This Movie Has Been My Life': J-Law On Fame And Life After The Hunger Games

Getting her star in the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and talking about the Hunger Games films; it's all in a weekend's work for Jennifer Lawrence...

Not only did Jennifer Lawrence cement her place in Hollywood history this weekend - printing her hands and feet for her Walk Of Fame star, alongside her co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth – but she also talked very openly about life after The Hunger Games.  

The actress, who plays Katniss Everdeen in the franchise, is usually quite private so we were surprised when she opened up at the press conference, giving a frank insight into her life, career and her future.

With the release of the last film, The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 2, imminent – it’s out on November 20 – J Law said: ‘I think it will be pretty bizarre when the movie is finally out and ... everything is officially done […] This movie has been my life for so many years,’ she said at a press conference.’

The down to earth actress also spoke about the difference the fame of The Hunger Games has made to her life, saying: ‘There were a few years of getting used to it, your entire world changes’.

Since the release of the first The Hunger Games film in 2012, she’s made an incredible 12 films, won and Oscar and has become an A-list household name.

She said: ‘I have a new normal now, I feel very stable and normal and happy,” she said. “But the pressure ... you just can’t think about it.’

Though she won an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook, of all her roles, Katniss and The Hunger Games franchise – based on three novels by Suzanne Collins - has amassed the biggest following.

‘I didn’t really feel that I said goodbye to her’, she said of her character she’s played for three years. 

The actress went on to talk about the Sony email hack that ended up with the salaries of male and female co-stars being revealed – specifically it came out that she was being paid less than her male colleagues. 'Honestly, it’s a job [...] I really love acting, so I really just think of myself as a working woman.'

Bring on November 20th... 

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