Jennifer Lawrence Talks Powerful Women In Her New Dior Video

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J-Law knows what it takes to be a powerful woman

If there's one person well placed to offer their definition on what it means to be a powerful woman, it's Jennifer Lawrence.

The multi award-winning actress, and face of fashion powerhouse Dior, explained in a behind-the-scenes video for her new Dior ad campaign that being 'tough, fair and kind' are all traits that belong to a powerful woman. And we'd say that J-Law definitely ticks all three of those boxes.

'A powerful woman is someone who exudes confidence and can be tough but fair and kind,' she said on camera. 'And also knows how to get what she wants.'

Shot by Patrick Demarchelier, who Jennifer described as a 'legend', the new photographs again show J-Law's androgynous side with the actress wearing a super-chic, contemporary black three-piece suit with her choppy bob slicked back away from her face.

The baby blue and pink Be Dior handbags add a touch of sweet femininity to the shots, which Jennifer got ready for much the same way as she does for a film role.

I feel like every time you get in front of the camera, it's important to have a character in mind, or even an emotion, just so you have something in your eyes.

She certainly makes a very convincing model...

By Olivia Marks

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