Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Choosing Her Dior Dress For The Oscars

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The 23-year-old actress has 'some fun' memories… and some 'not so fun' of that pink dress...

Jennifer Lawrence has spoken about her infamous Dior dress she wore to last year's Oscars, in a series of short films she as part of her new campaign with the label.

The American Hustle star, who is nominated for her second Oscar for her role this year, wore a pink couture gown last year – which she famously ripped when she tripped on the stage to collect her statue.

'I have very special memories of the dress I wore to the Oscars. Some fun… some not,' J Law joked on camera.

'They need to make it more accessible for stairs in my opinion.' she deadpanned.

Jennifer Lawrence at Cannes 2013

As the face of Miss Dior, Jennifer has worn many Dior dresses on the red carpet. One of her favourites, she said, was the monochrome number she wore to Cannes.

Speaking about picking her Oscars dress, the actress said: 'We were going through a lot of picture online and then I saw a picture of it from the runway and it was just the most beautiful dress I think I'd ever seen. Now I get the Haute Couture thing - it's a big deal.'

We wait with baited breath to see which Dior dress the actress wears this time around... 

By Olivia Marks

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