Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are 'work husband and wife'


When Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper starred together in the 2012 Oscar-winning movie Silver Linings Playbook, the chemistry between them was undeniable.

So it's no surprise that J-Law and Bradley have so far been cast opposite one another in a further two films – first in American Hustle and then in Serena – each time brining that same fizzling level of romantic chemistry to their respective roles.

But despite their clear compatibility, and the fact that Bradley Cooper is newly single, and Jennifer may or may not also be available (depending on whether or not the rumours she is dating Chris Martin are true), that chemistry is strictly for on-screen only.

In fact, according to J-Law, it's the lack of sex in their relationship that allows them to get on so well.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

Speaking at the Cinema Society premiere of their movie Serena (which was released over here back in October, but has yet to hit screens in the US), Jennifer said they are 'work husband and wife' but with 'no sex'.

And from the look of the photos that emerged of the pair this weekend, as they promoted Serena together on home ground, they're clearly very comfortable in each other's company. We couldn't find a photo when they weren't cracking each other up. Having worked together on three films in three years – with another on the way – it seems the duo are getting on better than ever.

But you know what? These are two stars we want to remain as just good friends. That way, we know they'll aways have that spark…