Jennifer Lawrence Reveals All About Those American Hustle Costumes

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals All About Those American Hustle Costumes

The 23-year-old actress opens up about the trials and tribulations of wearing 1970s clothes...

Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about the sartorial challenges that comes with wearing authentic 1970s clothes, as she had to do for her latest film, American Hustle.

The film, which is directed by David O. Russell, is set in 1978 and as such, has a period-appropriate wardrobe to go with it, and that means no bras. 

Speaking to MTV about the lack of underwear worn in the film, J Law brilliantly deadpanned : 'I wouldn't say that it's ever exciting to see yourself without a bra in a dress that's three sizes too small for you.'

'Exciting, I don't know. It was freeing,' Jennifer added, giving us yet another reason to love the young starlet.

Whether it's exciting or not, the 23-year-old actress looks amazing in the '70s garb, provided by Halston, Gucci and Diane von Furstenberg. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams, who also stars in the movie, look incredible in a series of second-skin dresses and plunging necklines.

Meanwhile, the men don't fare so well: think dodgy moustaches and even dodgier lapels. This is the 1970s after all.

Still, this is one movie we won't be missing.

By Olivia Marks

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