Could This Film Earn Jennifer Lawrence Her Second Oscar?

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Jennifer Lawrence's next film Joy is already attracting serious Oscar buzz, and it's easy to see why...

Jennifer Lawrence is set to star alongside Bradley Cooper and screen legend Robert De Niro once again in another stand-out film and, from what we've seen in the trailer, it's going to be a major hit.

Entitled Joy, the upcoming film is directed by David O Russell - a close pal of Jen's who, she has admitted, calls her all hours of the night with new ideas and projects they could work on together - who is also responsible for bringing this brilliant trio together together on Silver Linings Playbook. Talk about a dreamy casting scenario, huh? 

The flick tells the story of Joy Mangeno: a single mother who invents the Miracle Mop and becomes a successful businesswoman as a result, and while there are definitely laughs to be had throughout, on the flip side, it's a gritty role which Jennifer's been able to sink her teeth into like no role before. So much so, rumours are already beginning to suggest that her portrayal of Joy could earn her her second Oscar. 

And, after watching the trailer, we have to agree - this could be J-Law's most kickass role yet. For starters, it's one of the few films that celebrates a single strong female at its heart, and that alone should be applauded. What's more, the film's narrative structure is an adventurous one.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, David O Russell revealed: 'I wanted to do an epic, unexpected story about the interior life of one woman’s soul, from the ages of 10 to 40.'


He added: 'It's a very unexpected journey that is intense, funny and also very emotional.'

Reuniting with her work husband Bradley aside, we can't wait to see what Jennifer will do with this once in a lifetime role. And, if the hype is to be believed, she should start making space on her mantelpiece, pronto...

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