Jennifer Lawrence Loses Her Cool At Red Carpet Reporter After Homeland Blunder

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The American Hustle star was not pleased when the season finale of her favourite TV show was revealed to her

Jennifer Lawrence may be one of the most famous women in Hollywood at the moment, but that doesn't mean she doesn't get star-struck when she meets one of her favourite actors.

As a massive fan of the hit US TV show Homeland, J-Law got just a little bit excited when she realised she was sharing the red carpet at the SAG awards with the show's star, Damien Lewis.

Jennifer was being interviewed by Access Hollywood reporter Shaun Robinson, who then introduced the two stars.

However, the reporter then made one of the biggest faux pas – she let slip the end of Homeland, which Jennifer Lawrence had yet to see. And we all now how that feels – devastating.

Asked by Robinson if she was sad that Damian Lewis had been killed off in the season finale, Jennifer went very quiet and appeared to be in shock.

'I can’t process this right now,' she said, only half joking.

'I can’t believe you said that. I said [I'd seen] first and second season! I haven’t watched the third season.'

She added, 'I’m past mad; it’s this weird other emotion. I feel like my heart just fell out.'

Although the reporter tried to apologise, Jennifer jokingly said she was a 'monster' and she could 'never forgive' her.

Jennifer, we know how you feel...

By Olivia Marks

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