Jennifer Lawrence Has *Finally* Broken Her Social Media Silence

Jennifer Lawrence Has *Finally* Broken Her Social Media Silence

Jennifer Lawrence made a very unexpected post to her Facebook account and everyone went NUTS

Jennifer Lawrence is many things; a super-talented actress, a bona fide style maven, utterly hilarious and definitely someone you'd LOVE to share a pitcher of margarita's with (amiright?) but one thing she's not is a social media maverick. Much to our disappointment... 

After proclaiming that you'd never see her with a Twitter or Instagram account, our hopes of the 24-year-old Hunger Games starlet reaching out to us on a personal level we're completely quashed. Well, that was until she took to her official Facebook page this weekend!

That's right, Jen scribed her first-ever self-written post to the sheer delight of her followers on Friday evening which she directly used to set some rumours that had been circulating over the past week straight.

According to 'reports', Jennifer hasn't been getting along too swimmingly with director David O. Russell on the set of her new flick Joy, and has apparently resulted in the two screaming at each other in-between takes. Yelling at our Jen? Say it ain't so... 

Well, that's exactly what she did in the post which read: 


Needless to say her die-hard followers went into a sharing and liking frenzy when the post went live. Now our hopes are officially up that since Jen's comment went down SO well that she'll have caught the social media bug and that this won't just be a one-time thing. 

Could we really be retweeting Jennifer Lawrence by the time this year's out? We can only but hope... 

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