Jennifer Lawrence Finally Gets What She Deserves From Hollywood...

Jennifer Lawrence Finally Gets What She Deserves From Hollywood...

Jennifer Lawrence has been one of the biggest stars of recent years, but it's only now that the film industry's bigwigs are properly giving her the salary she deserves

Jennifer Lawrence found herself at the centre of a huge film industry scandal last year when emails were leaked from Sony HQ which revealed that she and Amy Adams — her co-star in the hit movie American Hustle — were paid less than their male counterparts Christian Bale, Jen's self-confessed 'work husband' Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner, even though their roles were equal in merit. 

Of course, when this news was leaked back in December 2014 we were outraged. Sure, she gets paid more for one film than we could ever imagine having in our bank accounts what it all boils down to is the seemingly never ending gender pay gap. 

Ok, so there was a bit of media jargon thrown in but this is the very e-mail that basically got every feminist (which should be everyone, obvs) up in arms.

'Got a steve warren/gretchen rush call that it’s unfair the male actors get 9% in the pool and jennifer is only at 7pts. You may recall Jennifer was at 5 (amy was and is at 7) and WE wanted in 2 extra points for Jennifer to get her up to 7. If anyone needs to top jennifer up it’s megan. BUT I think amy and Jennifer are tied so upping JL, ups AA [sic].'

Put into an easier-to-understand format, the same e-mail went on to read: 

'The current talent deals are: Cooper: 9%; Bale: 9%; Renner: 9%; Lawrence: 7%; Adams: 7%.'

In short, our girl Jen got paid 2% less than her male colleagues for doing the same job as them, while some eagle-eyed viewers also claimed that she had more screen time than some of them. Not fair, huh? 

Now however, it looks like the actress has *finally* got what she deserves from Hollywood. It's has been reported that for her upcoming film Passengers, Jennifer will receive a very cool $20 MILLION for her talents while her male co-star pocketed a more-than-respectable but notably lower $12 million. And he's not just some unknown actor either. 

Chris Pratt is the man starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the Sci-Fi film which starts out with a spacecraft transporting thousands of people to a distant colony planet however, during transit it has a malfunction in one of its sleep chambers. As a result, a single passenger (Pratt) is awakened 90 years before anyone else. Faced with the prospect of growing old and dying alone, he eventually decides to wake up a second passenger (Lawrence).

Considering Chris is the main character and that he's had recent MAJOR success in both Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, we would have presumed his wage would have at the very least matched Jen's whopping pay packet regardless of her higher status in the industry. 

Could Hollywood actually be learning from its mistakes? Is this the start of the gender pay-gap being obliterated? We can only hope so. 

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