Jennifer Aniston may have had one of the most prolific relationships in Hollywood history with her ex-husband Brad Pitt but now, for the first time, she has opened up about her real first love, dropped the bombshell that he was 'the one' and shared the very tragic circumstances that surrounded their break-up.

Don't worry, as we know it all turns out pretty peachy for the 45-year-old actress — who is now blissfully happy and engaged to writer and actor Justin Theroux — but it looks like her heartache began well before her high-profile divorce from Brad back in 2005. So, who was this mystery man?

Speaking to the New York Times, Jen revealed that when she was in her mid-twenties she dated the man, who was also an actor, but admitted that he was an 'unappreciated boyfriend.'

'He was my first love — five years we were together,' she said. 'He would have been the one. But I was 25, and I was stupid. He must have sent me Justin [Theroux] to make up for it all.' 

Her last comment may sound a tad out of context, but the tragic truth is that her ex — who went on to marry after their relationship ended — sadly died of a brain tumour a few years after their split which, needless to say, left Jen heartbroken and stricken with grief. 

Jen turned 25 the year that her iconic TV show Friends premiered and, although it's unclear whether her relationship ended around that time, it seems that as her star began to rise the young couple began to grow apart. 

What we can say is that Jen obviously still holds her departed love close to her heart and directly attributes him to all the good things she now has in her life, including her new relationship. All of which, we'd just like to add, she totally deserves...