THAT Dodgy Film Debut, Plus 14 Reasons We Can't Get Enough Of Birthday Girl Jennifer Aniston

THAT Dodgy Film Debut, Plus 14 Reasons We Can't Get Enough Of Birthday Girl Jennifer Aniston

From her taco obsession to The Rachel haircut, let us count the ways we love Jennifer Aniston…

Jennifer Aniston just can’t help but make us love her. Whether she’s giving good reaction faces on live TV (unmissable GIFs below…) or revealing her slightly strange diet obsessions (mayo on white bread?!), let us count the ways we <3 Jennifer Aniston…

1. THIS GIF. Jen An is so in love with Justin Theroux, she doesn’t want to miss a second of his on-stage speeches. No wonder she told everyone to move out of her eyeline at the Critics Choice Awards.

2. In fact, we’re loving all of Jen-An’s reaction faces.

3. We fell in love with Jennifer as Rachel Green on Friends; she might have been a terrible waitress, but we are SO glad she got off the plane.

4. Her haircut, dubbed The Rachel, defined the hair trends of the 1990s.

5. Rachel was a pretty snappy dresser. From fun aprons at Central Perk to her chic polonecks at Ralph Lauren, we’re still taking style inspo from Rachel. 

6. She's totally real about her love for food. You can read Jennifer Aniston's diet secrets here, but to give you a sneak preview, Jen used to slather mayo on white bread, and still digs in to tacos whenever she can.

7. This woman defies time – did you know Jennifer is nearly 50?!

8. If you’re looking for casual outfit inspo, Jen loves jeans, jumpers and pashmina scarves.

9. But when she DOES glam up for the red carpet, let’s just say she knows how to work a bodycon gown.

10. Need a lesson in how to style an LBD for every event, ever? Jennifer Aniston has you covered.

11. We can’t get enough of this throwback picture. Do you recognise who that is on the left? Check out these celebrities before they were famous to find out.

12. She might be all Californian sunshine on the outside, but deep down, Jennifer has a foul mouth…

13. She’s not afraid to make fun of all those pregnancy rumours, either…

14. She’s been fighting for feminism ever since she appeared in this slightly dodgy Leprechaun film, pre Friends fame…

15. Jennifer Aniston is just great, full stop. Can we be best friends yet?!

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