Jennifer Aniston Knows How To Work The 70s Trend In Flares

Jennifer Aniston Knows How To Work The 70s Trend In Flares

Jennifer has embraced this season's renewed love for flares with ease

Flares: do or don't? It's quickly becoming the number one sartorial question this season, and one that Jennifer Aniston has clearly answered a big fat yes to.

Stepping out in California this weekend to attend the Santa Barbara international Film Festival, the 45-year-old actress looked very much on trend in a pair of black wide flares and demure halterneck.

Keeping the outfit top-to-toe black not only made it evening appropriate, but also from becoming too much of a 70s throwback – we're all for the classic retro halterneck and flares vibe, but think Jen was right to steer clear from a paisley print too.

The Cake star also revealed at the festival – where she was being honoured with the Montecito Award for her contribution to film – that she was almost never in the show that made her career. Yep, that's right, Friends was almost made witout Jennfier Aniston as Rachel Green.

Speaking to the audience, the actress said other TV commitments almost saw her part as Rachel in the hit sitcom go to somebody else.

'Friends came when I was off doing Muddling Through. So there was a period where I had to stand out of the photographs for the group shots, and I had phone calls from girlfriends saying, "I'm auditioning for your part in Friends."' Ouch.

Luckily, Muddling Through (no, us neither) only lasted for another few weeks, so Jennifer got to keep being Rachel Green.

'They just took the chance that Muddling Through would fail after the [ten] episodes they picked it up for, and so I just started doing this back-and-forth from Sony to Warner Bros for two weeks,' Jennifer continued.

Friends without Jennifer Aniston? Unimaginable.


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