Jennifer Aniston Is Back Doing What She Does Best: Giving Us Major Belly Laughs

Jennifer Aniston Is Back Doing What She Does Best: Giving Us Major Belly Laughs

After starring in the raw and critically acclaimed film Cake, Jennifer Aniston is flexing her funny muscles once again in this hilarious trailer for her new flick, She's Funny That Way

There's no doubt about the fact that Jennifer Aniston knows funny. After working on one of the biggest comedy shows, you know, OF ALL TIME for a decade, she's taken what she's learnt from her years in Rachel Green's Friends shoes and turned it into an acting career that just won't quit. 

However, after taking a break from the LOLs to take on the starring role in deep drama Cake, we wondered if she'd be tempted to write off comedies all together. Now, we're very pleased to tell you, that's not the case. 

46-year-old Jen's next role looks set to be on par with the likes of Horrible Bosses in the belly laugh stakes and we don't think the movie's title could be more apt. She's Funny That Way, in a nutshell, sees Brit actress Imogen Poots take on the character of Izzy — a prostitute-turned-actress — who falls and has an affair with a married Broadway director (played by Owen Wilson) who eventually begins to help her embark on her career. And what's Jen's role in all of the chaos? As Izzy's straight-talking, downright hilarious therapist, Jane. 

It's fair to say that Jane gets some of the film's best one-liners and even manages to get a fight scene on the go. Here's everything you need to know about Jennifer's hilarious take on the therapist:

  1. She's a bit of a prude
  2. "You don't joke in therapy". And you don't mess with Jennifer Aniston, appaz
  3. She can throw a pretty good punch
  4. As it turns out, Jennifer is an expert winker
  5. Above all else, she tells it like it is with perfect comedic timing

Excited? Yep, us too! Sadly, we'll have to wait until the end of June to see Jennifer do her funny thing once again on the big screen. But, in the meantime, the flick's trailer should be enough to get your Aniston fix — check it out below. 

We probably don't need to remind you that this film's release comes just as it has been said Jennifer is set to take on a starring role in the Mean Girls spin-off, Mean Moms. And now that she's back doing what she does best, that looks all the more likely to us... 

Oh, and one last thing; WE LOVE YOU JEN. 

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