Jamie Dornan Reciting Sexy Fifty Shades Of Grey Lines In Hilarious Accents Is EVERYTHING

Intro Deck: 

As if we needed another reason to justify our love for Jamie Dornan...

With the release of the much-anticipated of the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey only mere DAYS away (that's right ladies, we're talking 72-hours), it's fair to say we're pretty excited about it. 

After unveiling hoards of unseen clips and interviews with the cast and crew over the course of the past few weeks, there was no way we thought the buzz surrounding the movie could be at any more of a high. That was, until we saw this... 

Mr Christian Grey himself — that's the gorgeous Jamie Dornan, FYI — has been doing the serious promo-rounds appearing on practically every TV talk show imaginable. Not that we're complaining mind. Not for one second.

And, it was in his most recent interview on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' that Jamie made us fall even more head over heels with him as he indulged in a hilarious skit. 

Aptly titled 'Fifty Accents of Grey', Jamie and the shows host Jimmy would take turns reading saucy lines from the best-selling book in majorly funny accents. Yes, it's as good as it sounds... 

Basically we're for anything that gives us the excuse to hear Jamie Dornan read aloud the words 'panties', 'nipple clamps' and 'medulla oblongata'. Just us?

Check out the side-splitting video in its full-length glory above. We guarantee it won't disappoint...

As smitten with Jamie Dornan as we are? You'll definitely want to check this out!

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