Jamie Dornan Has Just Made Us Very Happy

Jamie Dornan Has Just Made Us Very Happy

The Fifty Shades of Grey star make his long-awaited Instagram debut last night.

Jamie Dornan knows how to keep his fans happy.

While we eagerly await the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie (T minus 6 months and counting), the bearded actor has joined the ranks of snap-sharing celebrities and signed up to Instagram, meaning we can now legitimately snoop on his life. 

Holding a handwritten sign that stated:  'I am Spartacus Jamie Dornan x', the actor posted his first selfie shortly after 4.30am UK time proving he's got a sense of humour alongside being, as Derek Zoolander would say, really, really good looking.  

Within ten minutes he had gathered 2,500 likes alongside 80,000 followers. Let the double tap jokes commence. 

By: Chloe Mac Donnell / @tweetchloe 

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