James Franco's 7 For All Mankind campaign unveiled

Intro Deck: 

The first instalment of James Franco's 7 For All Mankind love story campaign has been unveiled…

Denim label 7 For All Mankind has enlisted Golden Globe-winning and multi-talented actor James Franco to help create and direct its Spring Summer 2013 multimedia campaign.

Entitled A Beautiful Odyssey, the first chapter of the campaign sees a couple’s California beach wedding played out. In a new step for the fashion brand, viewers will be able to determine the story's outcome via Facebook.


Asked about the campaign, James Franco revealed: "Love is a beautiful thing. A powerful thing. But there are different textures to it. There's a range of emotion that goes beyond happiness alone. People like to pretend that part's not there, but that's the way passion is. We didn't shy away from that. We went for it.”

Don’t forget to head to Facebook for your chance to vote on how you want the couple’s narrative to play out.

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