Is Topshop Collaborating With Kendall And Kylie?

Is Topshop Collaborating With Kendall And Kylie?

Word on the (cyber) street is that the Jenner sisters could be teaming up with Topshop

The Internet rumour mill has been set in motion once again, with word that Topshop could be collaborating with Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

News started swirling yesterday that the youngest members of the Kardashian clan are in talks with the high street giant to partner on a new collection.

According to The Sun 'Talks are ongoing but the family are keen to work with Topshop, who will give the brand a huge push this summer.'

'Kendall and Kylie have become hugely influential in the fashion world, so it's no wonder Topshop wants to work with them. They have a massive fan base of young girls and a reach of tens of millions on social media,' the source continued.

Aside from designer collaborations, Kate Moss is so far the only celebrity to have created a range for the store, apart from Beyoncé who recently joined the Topshop family to create a new fitness-meets-fashion branch to the company, the results of which we'll see in autumn this year.

So what's going on? Is the Jenner empire expanding?

We got in touch with our friends at Topshop who, sadly, could not confirm there was any truth in the rumours – but they did not deny it either, simply saying that they would be in touch if an announcement is made...


A collaboration with the Jenner girls and Topshop would certainly make sense: not only is Kendall a firm fixture in every fashion magazine going, but the sisters' combined loyal following on social media would almost definitely drive sales through the roof. Not to mention that they're fans of the store anyway – remember when Kendall wore that bespoke Topshop gown to the Met Ball?

And it's not hard to imagine what a Kendall and Kylie collection would look like: we're thinking lots of skinny jeans, crop tops and blazers. And maybe the odd thigh-high split too. Ooh, and most likely some cool festival wear courtesy of Coachella-loving Kylie.

Come on Topshop, make this happen.

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