Is This H&M's Unlikeliest Campaign Ever?

Is This H&M's Unlikeliest Campaign Ever?

The high street store has cast Lady Gaga (in a huge wig) and Tony Bennett as its Christmas campaign stars

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett may be best known for their singing talents, but come Christmas the pair will have also made a name for themselves as the joint face of H&M. And we're betting that wig should have its own Twitter account by the weekend.

The two stars have collaborated together on a new album, Cheek to Cheek, which is released on September 23, and have chosen a track from it to perform in a TV advert for the Swedish retailer.

While the advert won't hit screens until November, a behind-the-scenes picture has been released, giving us a glimpse of what to expect (clue: massive hair).

As far as we know, the Artpop singer hasn't had a run in with several sets of curling tongs, or dyed her hair, but she does appear to be channelling Cher with that poodle perm 'do and oversized jumper worn with just a pair of fishnets.

While these two might not seem like the obvious choice to model for H&M, Lady Gaga's relationship with H&M is an enduring one, with the star given the task of opening H&M's flagship store in Times Square last November.

And we're guessing it was Gaga who brought the legendary crooner Tony Bennett on board. While he may not be H&M's target audience, he certainly knows how to wear a suit. Boys, take note.

Needless to say, we can't wait to see the ad (and yes, we know it's still only August).

By Olivia Marks

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