Is It Ever OK To Have Hot Bridesmaids?

Is It Ever OK To Have Hot Bridesmaids?

What happens if you have a drop-dead gorgeous (or even worse, a famous and drop-dead gorgeous) bridesmaid carrying your train? Stay calm, says senior features writer Lucy Pavia, it's all about compromise...

Beyoncé is the latest star to have her turn as an A-list bridesmaid and although the bride-to-be was her mum Tina, you can only imagine the dread anyone else would feel about having to stand next to the likes of her at the altar. And that got us all at InStyle HQ thinking, is it ever OK to have smoking hot bridesmaids? Bey, however, isn't the only case in point... 

"Rihanna, will you be my bridesmaid?" is not a question many women will ever have to worry about asking, but it's exactly what the pop star's personal assistant Jennifer Morales asked her famous pal ahead of her wedding this week.

At what looked from the pictures like a lovely beach nuptials in Hawaii, the bride wore a strapless white dress with a ruffled fishtail hem and RiRi wore a long lilac gown with white flowers embroidered onto the tulle skirt. Needless to say both bride (and very famous bridesmaid) looked beautiful.

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It goes without saying that most women want their very best pals to walk down the aisle behind them when they tie the knot, even if one of those best pals is a world-famous, smoking hot, pop star.

If getting married is the ordinary woman's big red carpet moment, it takes a confident bride to let someone who regularly walks the red carpet for a living carry the train. Utimately, the A-listers themselves - whether it's Rihanna yesterday or Jennifer Lawrence for her sister-in-law Blaine - might actually enjoy playing second fiddle for once, because no matter how gorgeous or famous you are, everyone will ultimately be looking at the bride.

Whether or not you happen to have an A-list actress or pop star for a best friend, isn't the bridesmaid experience a minefield?

"I can't wait to put you in something lilac and puffy" said my sister a little too gleefully the day after she got engaged. When the time came to buy dresses for her seven (!) bridesmaids, we settled on simple lace cream slips by Anthropologie. Initially I wasn't wild about the deep cream colour, which sort of blended into my skin so from a distance I looked like I was naked (in a non-sexy way), but it was the only shape and style which worked with the balance of the group, plus the giant floral garlands we teamed them with gave the look a pretty punch of colour - incidentally, said flowers were so big a bee actually landed on my forehead at the drinks reception - and they were SO comfy in the scorching heat.

I have been a bridesmaid three times now, and if there's anything I've learned from the process it's this: if there's a) more than one of you b) the bride wants you to wear the same dress and c) you're not all Victoria's Secret Angels then odds are you won't find something that suits everyone down to the ground.

"This colour doesn't work with my skin"/"That shape is awful on me" / "I really need sleeves" the various bridesmaids will chime. If this is the case I think it's the responsibility of the 'hot' bridesmaid to fall on their sword - the RiRi or the Jennifer Lawrence who (let's be honest) look great in everything must be the one sacrifice their dream look for something which works with the group. The bride will be grateful to them for creating sartorial harmony and the more normal-shaped bridesmaids (like me) will be thankful they haven't bulldozed something skintight which only looks great on them.

I am getting married next Saturday and have only one grown-up bridesmaid, my sister Kate. Though she's a serious hottie with a Pippa Middleton bottom I haven't dressed her in anything lilac and puffy. I did have one bridezilla moment when she called to ask call and ask if her bespoke Belle and Bunty dress could have a train. "No!" I shrieked down the phone. I want her to look pretty, but we all have our limits…

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