INTERVIEW: InStyle meets hot new Sex and the City 2 star!

INTERVIEW: InStyle meets hot new Sex and the City 2 star!

It’s nearly here! Sex and the City 2 is set to launch on screen any day and to mark the occasion InStyle snagged a chat with one of the movie’s sexy new male cast members Dhafer L’Abidine.

Dhafer had a lot of live up to with his new role (remember Dante in the original movie? Not to mention Smith!), but in person did not disappoint. Think: tall, dark, chiseled. Hello! He’s also soon to be appearing in new movies Centurion and Strike Back later this year. Watch out ladies - His star is rising!

We know all details of Sex and the City 2 are top secret, but can you tell us anything about your character?

Let's just say the character is involved in bringing the girls to the Middle East.

How was it making the film?

It is just so great to be part of something so globally successful. What really stood out to me was how down to earth the girls were. There's a bit of pressure playing a part coming into the story because it really is their gig, so you want to do your best. You don't want to be like "oh sorry, can I do that again?" but they make it so easy for you.

Were you star-struck when you first met them?

I tried to keep it cool but it's just so exciting meeting people like that. I remember Kim Cattrall from Mannequin years ago, I loved that film.

Who is your favourite character?

I enjoy the cheekiness of Samantha, she’s a really fun character.

Which of the four Sex and the City characters would you play if you had to?

Funnily enough, I did a comedy show with Omid Djalili (who also stars in Sex and the City 2) and we did a Sex and the City sketch and I played Charlotte. I actually think I am most like Charlotte in real life too, in her more conservative way.

If you had to marry, have a one-night stand with or avoid one of the four characters, who would you pick?

I'd have all four! I would choose them all at different stages in my life...I am sure you would learn a lot that way.

Sex and the City is known for its fashion credentials. Are you interested in fashion?

I like to shop. I find myself in G Star a lot and I like Ozwald Boateng suits, they are well fitted and sharp.

You’ve recently starred in the big action films Centurion and the very male orientated Strike Back. Did you find that a challenging switch after the ultra-girly SATC2?

As a guy you always want to do a thriller or an action film like Bourne Ultimatum, but if you want to stretch yourself you have to play parts that are completely different. It’s good for you as an actor.

How was it filming Centurion? It looks like a lot of testosterone-fuelled chainmail-clad action…

It was only a brief job for me but I did shoot a scene with Dominic West, which was great because I am huge fan of The Wire. Plus, my character is a crazy mercenary so that’s always fun to play.

What’s it like being a huge star in your native Tunisia? (Dhafer presented the huge Prince of Poets which boasts 20 million viewers.)

Yeah it's kind of crazy, I have about 40 Facebook groups!

Is it odd not to be recognised over here?

I did the Dream Team (the Sky 1 drama about a fictional football team) a while back and that had a massive fan base, but I don't get the same following as I do in Tunisia. It was crazy when I was filming in New York recently, because there are a lot of Tunisians there– I got recognized at the top of Empire State Building!

What’s next for you?

I’ll be over here for the premiere (of Sex and the City 2) and then I am doing a voice over for a video game... which is why I sound a little husky today, sorry about that.

Sex and the City 2 is released 28 May.

By Abigail Radnor







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