InStyle talks to Tamsin Egerton!

InStyle talks to Tamsin Egerton!

We caught up with Tamsin Egerton to talk favourite films, style resolutions and top beauty tips

Stunning starlet Tamsin Egerton has wooed audiences with her roles in St Trinian’s, Chalet Girl and the TV series Camelot, and we caught up with the Brit actress to find out her dream role, what she’s got in her make-up bag and how she keeps her gorgeous tresses in tip-top condition…


You’re working with Sky Movies at the moment, what are your favourite films?

I’ve got so many I could write a whole list but I always say one of my favourite films is Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet because he’s one of my favourite directors of all time. And Zatoichi, it’s a film not many people have heard of but it’s a martial arts film by this cult martial artist, writer and director called Takeshi Kitano and he’s just amazing. But more recently, The Warrior with Tom Hardy, I loved that film so much. And The King’s Speech as well, I didn’t want to go see it because I thought I was going to be bored but I went along and I wanted to see it again straight away!

And which movie have you enjoyed working on the most?

I don’t know! Probably Chalet Girl and St Trinian’s 2 because on the second St Trinian’s everyone was just such amazing friends that it just didn’t feel like a day’s work. I’d literally leap out of bed every morning however early it was because I couldn’t wait to get to work. Chalet Girl was such an interesting job, to be in the middle of the Alps, which was world I knew nothing of, and I was with Felicity Jones and we got on exceptionally well. Again, because it was a comedy it was just such good fun to be on.

If you could play any part in a film, which would it be?

There are so many parts constantly being made but I loved what Gwyneth Paltrow did with Emma. I just think that part is fantastically written for any young woman. But I don’t think anyone could improve on Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance! In a way I wish I could do that role but in another sense I don’t want to ruin what she’s done. Jane Austen’s characters for women are always very strong, opinionated and elegantly written so they’re always great for an actress to have a chance to do.

You’re known for your long flowing tresses, and they were perfect for your part in Camelot, do you have any hair care secrets?

Yes I do, in a way – it’s just conditioning! It’s so old school but that’s what is. I use Shu Uemura conditioners and cannot scream how amazing they are. I use their mask as a normal conditioner and I’ll leave it on for 5-10 minutes in every shower, which might seem a bit excessive but otherwise my hair just feels like paper. Camelot completely frazzled my hair because they just dyed it all sorts of colours, every blonde I could have possibly been! So I decided that investing in a good conditioner is important now.

And any top beauty tips?

I’m a complete junky for lotions and potions! I love SkinCeuticles Hydrating B5 Gel, it’s like a serum and I put it on my face and immediately I can feel it. I put my moisturiser on top of that and I just know that it’s going in more. I can feel it working and I love it.

How do you get red carpet ready?

I have to be really careful when I do red carpets because if I give myself three hours, it will take me three hours to get ready, but if I give myself half an hour it will also just take me half an hour and I’ll probably look exactly the same at the end of it! So I will only give myself half an hour, otherwise I panic and get neurotic! I do get a blow dry. I defy any woman that doesn’t feel more elegant and more groomed and ready for an evening than if you have a blow dry. And that’s it really. And I swear by my little black heels from Kurt Geiger. They’re satin stilettos with a peep-toe and I have a couple of pairs. I have so many pairs of beautiful shoes but these ones I can go out and spend hours in them and my feet will not be in pain whatsoever. I always go back to my Kurt Geiger heels.

How would you describe your day-to-day style?

It changes every day. One day I will wear little tea dresses and be really girly and wear oversize cardigans or maybe with a leather jacket or something. But in winter I’m totally into leather. Leather trousers, I have these biker boots that I wear almost every day, I’m obsessed with my macs and leather jackets. It completely changes from absolute girliness to suddenly ripped T-shirts and leather trousers but I think that’s kind of nice. I’ve never had a specific style because I don’t think I could keep it up longer than a week, I would get so bored.

Do you have any New Year style resolutions?

Probably to be a bit more adventurous because I do find things I like and I stick by them, like my Kurt Geiger shoes or my biker boots. And I think maybe I should just waver slightly and go for something that it isn’t always black. Yes, to be a bit more adventurous in my every day style.

What’s in store for you in 2012?

At the moment I’m just about to go off to LA and then I’m coming back for some filming. I haven’t got the whole year planned! I’m going to let it unfold. But exciting things, and hopefully lots of travelling.

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