InStyle talks to Erin O Connor!

InStyle talks to Erin O Connor!

InStyle caught up with Erin O Connor as she hosted the launch of new womenswear label, Negarin…

We're always on the lookout for the next big thing in fashion and yesterday saw the launch of exciting and colourful label, Negarin.

At the swanky event, hosted in London's Claridges, designer Negarin Sadr was joined by a host of stars, including Jade Parfitt and Grace Woodward, plus muse and brand ambassador Erin O'Connor. We were lucky enough to catch up with the supermodel to get a sneak preview…

How did you get involved with the project?

A mutual friend introduced us when Negarin first arrived to live in London. I really love Negarin’s energy, she really ‘is’ her vibrant brand, as you would expect. Initially I agreed to help her out by modelling some of the looks but it became more than that.

What was designer Negarin Sadr's inspiration behind the collection?

The collection is a product of Negarin’s exotic background – her world travels - a vivaciousness of the East blended with an everyday elegance of the West. She aims to create desirable clothes that are also technically highly-sophisticated.

The collection contains a lot of brights - what are your style ruled for working brights?

Wear with confidence!

Prints are very big next season - was this collection designed in keeping with the trends?

The prints were not designed with trends in mind, they are a result of Negarins’ inspirations travels. They’re also strategically placed to flatter the figure.

What's your favourite piece in the collection and how will you where it?

The piece I wore to the event, which is a panel-cut maxidress. Negarin had this piece made especially for me.

You play muse to many designers, does it ever get overwhelming or intimidating?

No, I am truly flattered to be chosen!

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